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Stage 1
The Homerun of Death

Prize: $50,000



First Courtyard:

You have no choice but to fall into the first trap and get hit on the head by falling wood.

Enter the courtyard and go right of the mansion to a tree to find the horror monitor.

Dreamcast - Illbleed Horror Monitor Sega AIA

Now return to the little square at the beginning. You can use the horror monitor for two traps. One on the left wall
and one on the right wall. Go back in the courtyard.

Go left. You will be hit by one of two traps: the second square on the left or the second square on the right. There is a trap at the grave with blood on it. There is a trap at the window with blood on it. You can also find a Gauze wrap on the grave near the one with blood and deep breath in the well. If you jump in the little square on the left of the house, you can find a Nitroglycerine in the corner. You must fall into the trap at the entrance in front of the door to enter the mansion.


There is a trap by the telephone. On each side of it is are newspapers that you can pick up. Go on the other
side of the bar to find another trap in the third wall and also an item. Go right to find a trap, a visible hassy drink and also an item on another table. Go straight to find a trap in the painting of Mister Bamballo. There are also two random traps: the bulb on each side of the painting. Go to the corridor.

First Corridor:

The trap here is the broken bulb on the right. Randomly, all doors will be trapped and later in this corridor it's the bulb on the left. You eventually arrive at a fork. If you go right, you will fight a zombie and find a kaiseki (steak dinner in US version). Go left.

Locker Room :

You will encounter one of two traps: a trap in the middle locker or the locker on the right. There is a bandage on the middle bench and a calculator on the bench on the right.

Bath Room:

There is  a trap at the window on the left and the washbasin. There is a random trap at the red alarm on
the left wall.


You must line up with the dead body to use the horror monitor and disarm the
trap. One of the shower heads will spews blood on you. Before the exit, there is a trap at the left window.

Second Courtyard:

Walk next to the fountain on the left and search for (keep pushing A) Jimmy's Homerun Bat. Across the fountain there is an item. On the right of the courtyard is an item sensor. On the corner near the item sensor is a random trap. Enter the house.

Second Corridor:

Next to the photo booth there are two items in the lockers.

Third Corridor:

To avoid fights walk slowly on the left side of the corridor. While walking past the doorways keep pushing A to find an item. You will find a relaxation cd. After another item there will be an entrance to the kitchen on the left. Before you enter the kitchen use the horror monitor.


There is a trap at the blood on the ground, on the oven, and on the stove hood behind the oven. There is also a trap in the sink. There is a zombie to fight on the right. You can find items in the cupboard and in the plates.
Before you exit, look at the ceiling in front of the door with your horror monitor. Now exit.

Dining Room:

The fan on the ceiling is a trap. There is a chinese noodle (a salad in the US version) on the table and you must take the Testimonial of Jimmy from the wall. Look at the bar for a newspaper clipping, and if you look at the kitchen with your horror monitor, there is a random trap to disarm.

Fourth Corridor:

You find one item here.

First Room:

There is a trap at the TV and the bed on the left. You can find an item on the bed to the right. You can go to the bathroom and find two random items and a trap in the toilets. Then exit left for a fight.

Fifth Corridor:

There is one item at the door. There is a trap at the dead body and at the door. Exit.

Second Room:

You find Diary 1 on the piece of furniture and two others items here. There is a trap at the TV and the window.

Third Room:

Take Jimmy's trophy by standing next to it and pushing A. Also take Diary 2 and a hassy. You will fight here. Go down the stairs.

First Basement:

Search for an item in the white stuff on the ground and exit. Up the stairs you can find another item. Enter in the next room.

Fourth Room:

There is one fight. Pick up Newspaper 4 on the ground. In the bathroom is  an item. Exit.

Sixth Corridor:

There is one trap when you enter.

Fifth Room:

There is a trap in the mirror. You find an erole magazine and a relaxation cd under the bed. In the bathroom, there is a trap in the toilet and an item.

Sixth Room:

There is a hard fight here. You will fight a dummy man with a wrench, hit him then lure him to hit him again. You find an artificial brain.

Final Corridor:

Here you will find a bio body. There is a fight and a trap in the bulb.


Save here and go to the hospital. After that go to B2.

Second Basement:

Stand next to the trophy case on the right and use Jimmy's trophy to put it inside the case. Put the testimonial on the wall straight ahead. Stand the blue glowing square that appears in the ground.



Illbleed Dreamcast Sega AIA Mister Bamballo

First Phase:

Because this boss has infinite health you must use the helipad to escape. Stand on the H and keep pushing B repeatedly.

Second Phase:

Now that you have escaped, run to the next corridor and avoid the boss. Occasionally he might catch up to you If he does keep escaping with the helipad. When you arrive at the toilets search for the speedy ladder and a hassy. Continue on until you get to the photo booth.

Third Phase:

It's time to fight the boss and kill him. If this is the second time you play and if you don't want to save Kevin, you must wait until the time goes over 50 minutes (or 1 hour in the US version). Then don't walk toward the body of Kevin. The first time you play this game, walk toward the body to rescue him. You will find an amazon and a protector. Go up the stairs.

Fourth Phase:

Here you must avoid the monster and jump from log to log. To avoid his attacks press A right before he swings his arm at you. After a long run you arrive at the electric station.

Fifth Phase:

The pyro technitian wants to use the monster to kill you. Hit him. Take the ID card and the chinese noodles (steak dinner) on the table. Go back to the logs in the water.  Jump from log to log until you notice a fork. Use the other way to get to the goal. Use the ID card to open the door. Go to the goal.