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Stage 3

Prize: $120,000



At the beginning, go left and search for a horror monitor. There are also two battles here, the lorry to the right near the sand and a doll will jump from the top of the door on your right. There is a trap by the truck on the left. There is another trap by one of the logs on the ground. You can find a deep breath, a hassy, and an iron heart. Enter in the museum.

Maclaclhan's Museum:

Look at the right with your horror monitor for a trap. Also check for traps at the log on the left. Continue up the stairs. There is a trap in the painting. There is one item. Approach the statues and press A. Pick up the axe from the woodcutter and the wood memo from Maclachlan's statue.

Note: If you play the japanese version, the memo has the word "MURDER" on it. The riddle is different in the US version.

Once you continue you will find a calculator. There is a trap by the blood on the ground. There is another trap by the boxes and another trap by the light from the window. Once you continue, there will be a trap by the window. A gauze wrap can be found near here. There will either be a trap by the window on the left or by the window straight ahead. You will find a discount ticket and another item. Leave the area.


Here you will fight a doll. Once you advance there will be a trap by the window on the right. Now exit. You will find an artificial brain by the box. Once you reach the Hospital Area you can replenish your health. Once you go down the stairs you will found a photo booth and be able to save. Near the photo booth are boxes with a gauze wrap. Proceed.


There is one trap here on the ground at the other side of the coats. You will meet a woodcutter. Take a log (a piece of wood) from him. Try to exit. The woodcutter then comes to life and tries to kill you. Fight him and exit. In the next corridor use the monitor for the traps on the ground, then exit. In the next room, there are 3 traps : The ground, the blood on the wall and the hole in the wall. Advance. It's possible you do a first fight against two dolls. Then another with a doll in the box of the little room. Anyway, visit this little room to find Randy's brain. Now use the stairs. You can use the piece of wood on the control pannel.

Look at the riddle on the wood memo. Then enter the code 9663.

Note: If you are playing the japanese version the memo has the word "MURDER." Write it in katakanas and search the coordinates of MA and DA in a true table of katakana. The code is 1564. My way is a simple one to find this code. if you really know japanese. The hint given "Murder" which in the memo is trailed by another word "hito koroshi" in japanese, which means "Kill a person." "Hito" can mean a person or single thing which leads to the first number 1, the word "koroshi" gives the other three number: "ko" sounds close to "go" which means 5, "ro" resembeles "roku" which is 6 (sometimes "roku" is pronounced as "ro" if used with another number) and the last one "shi" is the pronounciation for 4 (or "yon" in some other case).

After the hatch opens, jump in the hole to become a woodpuppet. Exit the area. In the next corridor there is one trap by the light on the ceiling. In the corridor where you saw Woodpuppet Randy, there are three traps each time in each machine on the left or the right.

Second Corridor:

Collect a manual on the left and the list on the right after you talk to the zombie.

The Killing Game Show:

If a woodcutter catches you, you have to fight him. Once he attacks get behind him and attack. Stay left until you reach an area with stairs that are blocked by plant growth. Continue past the stairs until you reach a halway covered in plantgrowth. Collect the Wuddola. Use them at the plant growth on the stairs. Go up the stairs. Here you can save and collect items. Continue on the green path, you will fight two woodcutters. Once you arrive at a fork. Go to the hospital to fight two doctor dolls to save Randy. After you rescued Randy you can find a bio body under one of the beds. Go back to the fork and go the other way to exit the maze. Once you arrive at the locker room, you have to kill two woodcutters. Inside one of the locers you can find a sacrifice Mary (Continue). Once you reach the fork, go straight down the stairs to become human again. Go left and jump on the boxes. This will take you to the boss room.



Go right and hit his roots prefferrably with the axe once then push A to dodge his attack. Repeat the process until he is dead. Exit the Stage.