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Stage 4
Killer Department Store

Prize: $150,000



At the beginning go through a door on the left to collect a horror monitor and some items and manuals. There is a trap by the dead body. Exit the area. Take the severed head on the ground and beware of the caddy. Advance.

There are traps at:
   The dummy pop corn on the left.
   The tongue in front of you OR the head of the clown.
   The tongue on the other department
   The blue sweet or the yellow sweet
   The hand or the pink department just under.
After this you will fight a doll.

Once you arrive at the next store section there will be traps at:
   The yellow dress and the purple bulb on the ceiling.
   The pink dress of the department on the left.
When you get close to the drink there will be traps at:
   The green hassy (worm)
   The brown hassy and the shelf on the left
   The cash desk.

Go into the bakery. A Nata can be found there.

There are also traps at:
   The bread
   Two swords on the wall
   Two traps on the oven.

Take the baked cake and exit the area.

At the corridor there is a trap by the mouth on the ceiling. There is a trap at the strawberries. Take a strawberry. There is a large white cake. Approach it and press A to talk to it. Offer it the strawberry, the baked cake, and the severed head. It will refuse the two items and accepts the head. There is a trap at the pen in the kiosk. You will find a hassy on the table. Proceed down the stairs where you can save.

Collect five chicken pieces, five beef pieces, and  five pork pieces. There are two traps on the ground near the pork. Collect five pieces of pork. There is a trap at the cattle skull. Collect five pieces of beef. You will encounter two cockroaches. Offer them the chicken, beef, and pork. Proceed to the restaurant. Here you will fight your remaining pieces. After that you can exit to 1F.

Here you must walk at the border of the department to avoid traps and battles.

There are traps at:
   3 pieces of beef
   A pineapple
   A carrot
   The slime befor the exit.

In the next room you must kill three worms to reach the first elevator. These are very hard, and you will have to hit them little by little.

Once you exit the elevator look to the left to find a secret passage to the first safe behind the plant. Enter code: 5271 (japanese version) or 1863 (US version) to win $100,000 dollars. You can also find a view items and a machine gun. Go back to the elevator.

Kid's World:

There are traps at:
   The robot
   The UFO
   The mask and the ship
   The sign on the right
   Dashman and his spatial ship
   The two screens and the mega dream
   The box of the soccer ball
   The big baseball ball.
   Inda the adventurer.

You will notice a Mega dream, which is the Megadrive (Genesis) with a Saturn Pad and the Dreamcast logo inverted. The two games are a clone of Dino Crisis and a game with Dogs, the hero of Blue Stinger. Go to B1 to find items and then to B2 to meet Mary. Now you will play with her. Before you advance there is either a trap by boxes on the left or the boxes on the right.

One you enter you must collect four cards and avoid Mary. If you meet her, fight her with the machine gun or the nata. After you have four pieces put them on Mary's face on the exit door.

Look in the box on the left for two more items. Search for Mary. She is hidding in the mask with glasses. Beware if Eriko is without her clothes, Mary can be somewhere else. Search for a Mary's key in the third box and open the door. You may now save.

Jump Game:

There is a jump rythm that can help you beat it quicklier, it might take practice: 1,2,3,4,5,jump,1,2,3,4,jump,1,2,3,jump,1,2,3,jump,1,2,jump,1,2,jump,1,jump, 1,jump,1,jump,1,2,3,4,jump. Press A to jump. After ten jumps you can take Mary's stick and other items.

Go to the elevator and before you use it, use the stick on the big painting.  You open the way to the second safe. The code is 1361 (japanese version) or 2161  (US version) for $150,000 dollars. You can collect items here. There will  also be a fight. Return to the elevator and use it to reach the boss.



Run to the left towards the stairs. Take the remote control and return to the boss. You can now control him. Make him jump against the wall to destroy him.