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Stage 5

Prize: $50,000



Go down and turn right. In the next corriodor, enter the room to find a horror monitor and the code 0017. Enter it at the pannel of the big door at the end of the corridor. Take the axe from the woodcutter and talk to Jason. Advance to meet Jorg and Cuningham. Collect an item sensor by the lockers to the right of the room. Go through the door of the facility control room where you can save.

First Drop Room:

There are three traps:
   The square on the right
   The blood on the ground
   The wall on the right. Then you will fight Mary.

There is a trap by the wood on the left. then you will fight a zombie.  There is also either a trap by the log on the left or the right. There is another trap by the box just after the log. Exit the area.

Second Drop Room:

Once you get to a fork, go right.

Traps :
   The head of beef
   The slime
   The box.

Once you go straight, you find an amazone. To the right, you will fight two zombies and find
an item. Return to the fork to go the other way.

Traps :
   The UFO on the right OR the left
   1 battle against Mary
   The giant brown hassy on the right.

You can jump on the box to collect an item and then disarm the last trap by the yellow candy. Now exit.

In the next room, you find the shotgun and an ID card. Use the card to open the door. Return in the control room to talk to a worker. Return to the room where you found the code 0017 to talk with Jorg. Come back to the control room to see that Cuningham is dead. Take the key card from him and enter the code 0824 at the big door to open the way to the second part of this stage. There is one trap in the tunnel. There is a trap by the hassy
machine on your right and another trap by the wagon. Follow this path until you arrive in a room with a track on your left. Look at the ground with your horror monitor for another trap. Continue.

Traps :
   On the left (if you don't disarm it, you will see Dogs dead. This trap is random)
   On the right
   Before the tunnel entrance.

Continue to the next room.

Electric Room:

There is one trap on the ground. Exit to a new room where you can go down and disarm a trap on a pond. Go in the pond to collect an amazone. Now exit to the next room.

Training Room:

There is one trap here by the big punching bag in front of you. Now find the item on the left and exit and using a ladder.


Follow the path to the exit. There are no traps. Return to the control room for the WHO IS THE MURDERER? quiz.
1 Killerman : Maybe it exists after all...
2 Jorg  : He was always with you but who knows...
3 Jason : He is good in sport and notices that one costume has disappeared.
4 Cuningham : All proof is against him, maybe he's the murderer.
5 You  : Yes all is your fault after all. If you don't come to stage 5, no
murder, simple equation...
The good answer is Killerman, but to earn the bonus you must save Jorg. Go to the morgue.


Follow the path until you meet a group of zombies. Run. Jorg is kidnapped. You must find him. Follow the path until you see a big square area. Go left and jump on the railroad. After you collect an item, go left again to find Jorg. Jump on the ground and take the ladder to come back to the square area. Use the other way and jump on the track. Now search for a place to jump on the ground (after you run from more zombies) and follow the path to the exit. Save here.


Use your shotgun to kill him. Once he is dead, Jorg gives the conclusion and you earn 1 million dollars.