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Up until now, horror filmmaker Michael Reynolds has always been considered as merely "eccentric" -or "pretty weird," as one film critic put it. His B-movie horror films never attracted a mainstream audience, but a number of his films were notable nonetheless - for being banned by theater chains. Always extremely gory and explicitly gruesome, some of Reynold's films gave new meaning to the term "gratuitous violence." But for Reynolds, filmed depiction eventulaly became an insufficient expression of his violent "vision," so he undertook a new project - and in so doing crossed way over the line between fantasy and reality. The "eccentric" had become an evil genius of extreme "entertainment."

To fuel his ever deepening madness, Reynolds sunk $5.5 billion into construction of Illbleed, a horror theme park beyond the wildest and sickest of imaginations - one in which the death of its patrons is all part of the "fun." Scientifically speaking, Reynold's theme part is beyond genius - a technological miracle of animatronic death traps and computer-choreographed terror that blur the line between fantasy and reality so badly as to make the difference indescernible.

Reynolds put forth a maniacal challenge to his park visitors - a check for $100,000,000 to the first theme park patron who could survive all six of the park's "stages" of unspeakable, life-threatening horror. Park guests have checked into Illbleed, but none have "checked" out - no one has emerged from the park to claim the prize money, and all are missing and presumed dead.

Against the better judgement of its leader, Eriko Christy, four members of the horror club of Castle Rock School decided to accept Reynold's insane challenge. And for their foolishness, three of them are now missing - hoefully, still alive. Only Eriko remains, and now there is much more at stake than winning the prize money. It's up to Eriko to save her own neck and rescue her three missing comrades. In addition, there are rumors of a mysterious seventh "stage" within Illbleed, access to which is gained, reportedly, by finding a ticket to allow entry. The rumor has it that one cannot escape the park without having completed this "mystery stage." Howver, no one has ever found the ticket, let alone gained access.

And so, armed with her Horror Monitor and relying on sensory feedback to locate hidden items and to warn of lurking danger, Eriko sets out into the unknown terrors that await in Illbleed. Upon completion of each "stage" of the theme park, Reynolds has promised to rewared progress with a check in amount determined by performance within the stage.

But money isn't everything, as Eriko will soon discover...